January 4, 2007

Resolution 2: Lose Wait

Imagine my surprise to hear my site is, to put it in one user's words, slower than a sleeping slug.

The scissors came out and much extraneous weight got lost overnight. The site loads much faster now,. but something is still draaaagging us down. I'm putting it on Pilates tomorrow and will figure this out.

Advice is flying at me from all directions, mostly through my emailbox. I've fallen into a pattern of read, tweak, stitch, watch traffic for changes, rinse, repeat. Given the resounding disappointment of the holiday shopping season, I sense I have a lot of rinsing to do.

Today it was a video on long tail keywords. Wait. Let me rephrase that. Today it was a video promoting a video on long tail keywords. I sat through the first one, eagerly awaiting information. Instead of truly useful ideas, it pointed me to yet another video to find and buy... or I could save precious resources and attend their seminar in person.

I'd rather have the 45 minutes of my life back.