November 2, 2006

Day 16 - AM Haiku in Silver Dust

Visa bill arrives
Adwords titters gleefully
Tomorrow looks thin.

During my enforced absence, feet up on ottoman as ordered by doctor, I fretted at not being able to work on all things computer. Well, I could have, but I type like an otter with arthritis on my inherited laptop, which has a nasty habit of curling up and going to sleep just when I get in the mood to work.

So instead I watched TV - lots and lots of it. I do that too often anyway, or at least I did before the mania of Affiliate Marketing grabbed me and ripped my life away. This time, though, I wrote down the name of every single company that displayed a commercial, the product or service or sale they advertised, and approximately where it was in the program's timeframe.

After a few hours of that hand-cramping exercise, I compiled it all into a single list, sorted it, looked for patterns and frequencies, then headed to the affiliate centers and looked for those companies, making it a priority to apply for their affiliate or publisher programs. I haven't heard back from several of them, but those which I did hear from, I got into place in my AM pages at Fern's General Store, as high up on the page as possible.

Why not take advantage of the ad dollars they've already spent, after all...