November 2, 2006

Day 16 - The Zen of the Tuba

Since discovering myself racing around corners and colliding with myself, I'm forcing a slowdown. It got so slow, in fact, that I actually slept an entire night without having to get up and check my affiliate network state of affairs and implement 'just one more thing' on the new website. I got a few things done on the game, though not as much as I would have hoped, and made contact with a new traffic service which began showing results within the hour.

Traffic is very good to Fern's General Store. Now if I can just keep people from racing by without stopping. Wonder if those spike sticks that LAPD uses in car chases will work on the Info Superhighway...

I take stock of my progress:

So far I've spent $226.
My revenue is at $0.
I have 3 hits on a Clickbank page.
I have 20 hits on Commission Junction placements.
I have 185 views of my Too-Simple Chili Relleno Casserole recipe.
I have 76 views of my Too-Simple Time Creation recipe.
I have 79 views of my Too-Simple Teensy Toffee Treasures recipe.
I have 103 views of my Too-Simple Clutter Confrontation page.
I have 80 views of my Too-Simple Chili Verde Soup recipe.
I have 20 views of my Too-Simple Ways to De-stress Holiday Shopping article.

I'm beginning to wonder just how effective article writing has been for my presence. I'll keep trying, of course. I am not prone to giving up...