October 25, 2006

Day 11 - Just a Flesh Wound

Four more posts into the business network. I stare at the subdomain, email and autoresponder pages for about ten minutes, vowing to do something to them immediately if not sooner. Unfortunately, the main progress is going to have to wait for one more day. Today must be game design work, some bug chasing, some error correction, and a lot of sneezing as seasonal allergies (or flu symptoms?) slam me back in my seat and remove the more prolific areas of my brain. I slog through my email, print off some more solicitation spam for evaluation, grab my box of tissues and sniffle my way through a few more pages of the what should be the affiliate marketer's bible.

Several of my Commission Junction affiliate advertisers are sending me regular reports and offers of new promotions - those must be attended to with haste. It won't look good for anyone at all to let the wrong banner linger or gather too many impressions when the offer it supports has been replaced by a better banner and a better offer. I take care of those, then trudge off to work on the game a few hours.

Pardon the cross pollenization while I get things figured out... but I just got told to add this tag to all my posts. I don't honestly know why, but I am good at following instructions.