October 29, 2006

Day 14 - Redirects

All of a sudden, something makes sense. More bits of the puzzle begin to emerge and I feel a sense of clarity and direction that was previously barely there. I narrow the casting of my net, focus my sign-ups, cut back mercilessly on my previously broad band of advertisers and begin to aim at a new-found target.

Two solid days later, I have a website put together that actually looks rather nifty. The clunkiness is beginning to get kicked out, the lines are beginning to look professionally drawn, as if the HTML code can sense a drop in my hand's hesitancy.

I stand back and look - and it looks pretty durn good. Storefronts glide in and out of view at the click of a button. Product search fields search, as expected.

Yep. I can do this. I take a quick glance at my Paypal balance and wince. If I'm gonna do it, I need to stop thinking of how much I've spent and begin to think in terms of return on investment. For tomorrow, I dive headfirst into the keyword morass and Google Adwords.