October 19, 2006

Day 5 - Out on a Limb

I have taken the dreaded leap and actually Told Someone what I am doing with Affiliate Marketing. To this kind person's credit, they do not laugh at the top of their lungs at my efforts. Instead they express gentle support and encouraging thoughts. I pretend I do not see them surreptitiously palming the cell phone and dialing for emergency backup. Laugh all you want! See if you're laughing as I deposit my first gabazillion dollar paycheck just like the ones I keep seeing on all the affiliate marketing guru sites and come-hithers!!

How do I know this will work? I don't.. but I did get a hit on one of my clickbank hoplinks! Just the one, but one is vastly bigger than zero... right?

I steal my posture against the naysayers and shoulder onward through the fog. Besides, several of my articles have been approved and are starting to show minor signs of growth... so there is hope!

I do a quick calculation on my situation to date...