October 27, 2006

Day 13 - Fear of Failure, or Success?

We humans tend to fail at ventures for a variety of reasons. Here's a few:
- we fail to start
- we can't find the information and support we need

- we fear failure
- we fear success

- we don't want to look dumb
- we let enthusiasm replace logic

- we ignore logic when it does finally show up
- we ask for advice but do not listen to it

- we blame everyone else but ourselves
- we give up.

Today I spent way too much time watching TV. I am not apologizing; the day was an extremely fruitful and productive one.

Normally I spend the commercial breaks on trips to the kitchen, email window, coffee retrieval.. or I fast-forward through the chunks of time with the push of a button. Today, instead of bailing on the commercialism, I studied it with pencil and paper and a pair of highlighters.

Take a wild guess what I found... I'll reveal the total analysis tomorrow, but I can tell you now that what I saw in those commercials drove me in a fresh new affiliate marketing direction.

I take stock of my progress:

So far I've spent $125.
My revenue is at $0.
I have 2 hits on a Clickbank page.
I have 7 hits on Commission Junction placements.
I have 164 views of my Too-Simple Chili Relleno Casserole recipe.
I have 55 views of my Too-Simple Time Creation recipe.
I have 54 views of my Too-Simple Teensy Toffee Treasures recipe.
I have 88 views of my Too-Simple Clutter Confrontation page.
I have 28 views of my Too-Simple Chili Verde Soup recipe.
I have 7 views of my Too-Simple Ways to De-stress Holiday Shopping article.

I have successfully not spent about $3490 on hidden secrets and ultimate authorities.
I have successfully not signed up for approximately $10,300 in seminars and gurus.