October 21, 2006

Day 7 - The Tide Goes Out

I must be going about this all wrong, I have decided. Granted, there are probably a few billion other people trying to get started with affiliate marketing, and I suppose I can't be too surprised that I can't find them either. There must be a hidden subterranean cave in which they all dwell, and I must not have found the entrance yet. I continue reading, practicing my snappy copy writing skills, and doing my level best to avoid getting lost in the crowd.. that is, assuming I can even find the crowd. Which way did they go!?

I try another feeble attempt at posting to the business network I have joined up with, and take my place in line with the faceless horde.

Along the way, I stumble onto a jewel that makes me stop in my tracks and take measure of what I'm really trying to do. Incredibly, it makes sense...

So I invest.

I am instantly hooked. A lot of the jigsaw puzzle pieces shift and spin, and fall into place. I can do this.. I can.

I do a quick calculation on my situation to date...

So far I've spent $97.
My revenue is at $0.
I have 2 hits on a Clickbank page (I still think one must be my mom...)
I have 81 views of my Too-Simple Chili Relleno Casserole recipe.
I have 12 views of my Too-Simple Time Creation recipe.
I have 7 views of my Too-Simple Teensy Toffee Treasures recipe.
I have 5 view of my Too-Simple Clutter Confrontation page.

I have successfully not spent about $2900 on hidden secrets and ultimate authorities.
I have successfully not signed up for approximately $7800 in seminars and gurus.