October 18, 2006

Day 4 - Resisting Temptation

Someone has my number, and the answer is not 42. Well-meaning individuals are creeping out of the closet and messing with the jigsaw puzzle, removing pieces I already placed and replacing them with even more confusing configurations. I find myself on several mailing lists - some of which I have no clue how I landed on - all of them full of well-meant advice and chances to spend my money for Guaranteed Success.

All of them offer Something Free. All of them look a lot like spam. Is this the arena I truly want to enter? Is this what I will be subjecting my newly minted clientele to? I'm beginning to wonder if it would be better to go get a job pumping gas - then I remember the gas crisis and decide not to do more to contribute to global warming. I also remember that most gas stations have self-service pumps and my job search target is as timely as Quality Control Engineer at a buttonhook factory.

I look at my list of hoplinks from ClickBank, trying to decide what to do next. The day slides into Analysis Paralysis mode, careens past in a non-revenue-generating rush, and I console myself with a small bit of cold pepperoni pizza whilst I contemplate my lack of progress.

I do a quick calculation on my expenditures to date...

So far I've spent $0.
My revenue is at $0.

I have successfully not spent about $2700 on hidden secrets and ultimate authorities.
I have successfully not signed up for approximately $7700 in seminars and gurus.