October 17, 2006

Day 3 - Put off Procrastinating as Long as Possible

They say that the first step on any path is always the hardest, whether that is the Stop Smoking path, the Lose Weight path, the Pay Bills path, or the Become an Affiliate Marketing path. They are right, whoever they are.

This affiliate marketing gizmo looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Half the pieces are white and half are black, and there is no picture on the top of the box. There is no box.

Forums abound with friendly advice - I've run into a few of them on my quest, read a few hundred posts, noted a few commonalities, and yet.. I smell an enticing odor lurking in the back of the room near a door I can't enter. The keys are not on the table nor in any of the forum site panels overflowing with advice and come-hithers to make a gazillion bucks guaranteed. Mind you, several people are -saying- they'll give me the keys, if only I will send them more money. I do a quick calculation on my expenditures to date...

So far I've spent $0.
My revenue is at $0.

I have successfully not spent about $2500 on hidden secrets and ultimate authorities.
I have successfully not signed up for approximately $4000 in seminars and gurus.