October 16, 2006

Day 2 - Analysis Paralysis

I spend my day reading and signing up for forums, reading and signing up for affiliate programs, reading and signing up for newsletters, reading and reading and... There is so much to read, so much to learn, and far too many directions from which to choose. There is so much HYPE. But I suppose the hype is what it's all about, isn't it...

I settle on a return to ClickBank, and choose a couple of possibilities from the vast library. It's difficult to decide ... then I recall that one of the basic instructions was to select something that I know a lot about. *ponder*

It is at this point that I realize that the list of things I know a little about is rather vast and shallow, and the list of things I know a lot about feels rather narrow.

I know a lot about game design... but how many people want to know about integrating crafting into a text game?
I know a lot about computers, and even more about Macs... but how many people use Macs? (more soon I hope!)
I am a pretty durn good cook.... but will Top Chef be knocking on my door any day soon?
I ran a business for almost 20 years... but how many people want to know about running a beer bar in the desert?

the more I think back on the 50-odd years of experience, the more paralyzed I become. The vast library of titles swims before my eyes, taunting me brutally. Just how much do I really know about Siezed Real Estate, anyway?

However, I am being urged onward by the throng of shouting enthusiasts who are guaranteeing that I will be able to Quit My Day Job and rely on the riches of Affiliate Marketing in A Very Few Days!

Triumphant, I speed off into the sunset bearing a set of hoplinks upon which to rest my vast fortune.

The cheering of the crowd fades as I reach my desk and breathe deeply. Now what?

I do a quick calculation on my expenditures to date...

So far I've spent $0.
My revenue is at $0.

I have successfully not spent about $1200 on hidden secrets and ultimate authorities.
I have successfully not signed up for approximately $3600 in seminars and gurus.